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GTS. Celebrity Infinity,
Millenium Class


Antarctic Experience

Antarctic Pilot has taken part in many trips from the southern tip of South America to Antarctica in different flag ships, sailing from the South Shetland area to the Gerlache Strait, and from the Weddell Sea to Bismarck Strait, Margarita Bay and Bellingshausen Sea.

Our Pilots has performed approaches and maneuverings at several Antarctic berths and terminals, hydrographic surveys and supply of lighthouses. Also destranding of ships and rescue of scientists during volcanic eruptions, salvage of shipwrecked crews, support of stations and bases under construction and transportation of different scientific expeditions to Antarctica.

Other Experiences

  • Delegate of INACH (Chilean Antarctic Institute) on board AP PILOTO PARDO.Coordination of scientific and base construction activities.
  • Advisor for navigation and planning of scientific and tourism expeditions.
  • Port Pilot for Caldera, Calderilla, Huasco and Chañaral in the North of Chile. Ships 120,000 DWT and above 220 meters Length.
  • Certificate from Martime Authority. Its official approval after attending the Cours on AntarcticOperations ( CIMAR, Ice breaker"Almirante Viel"

His experience on board and ashore have allowed him to accumulate over the years a variety of data on the Frozen Continent which he testify on his book "ANTARCTICA, Navigation Guide". This book -in English and Spanish- will be extremely usefull for those navigating those straits and channels seeking scientific information on other data for tourist and adventure purposes. Likewise, Captains and Pilots will become familiar with the most appropiate navigation routes, ports of anchorage in the Antarctic Peninsula and in this Continent from Bellinghausen Sea to Ross Sea, from Davis to Wedell Sea.

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