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Pilotage service in the Southern Cone of South America

For Chilean fjords (Magallanes, Tierra del Fuego), Argentinean coastal fairways (Ushuaia) and British isles (Falkland - Malvinas), pilotage, berthing and anchorage is compulsory by licensed district pilots. However in the Antarctic Continent, Sub Antarctic islands and fjords for extra safety reasons, pilotage is necessarily carried out by deep sea pilots with vast practical experience in Antarctic waters.

Antarctic Pilotage

Antarctic Pilots have the responsibility to conduct navigation from the surroundings of Cape Horn down to any sector of Antarctica, assisting the ship´s Masters in all matters related to navigation, meteorology and operations, safety of life and specially for conservation of water and land environments defined by the Antarctic Treaty as Specially Protected Areas (SPA) or Historical Monuments.

For this purpose we counts with the necessary experience and knowledge of the cartography and anchorage sites for adequate safety during resting stops or expectance for better meteorological and ice conditions whilst sailing the fjords and internal waters of the Antarctic Peninsula or Continent.

Request for Antarctic Pilotage Service

Pilotage assistance should be requested normally 15 days in advance If necessary a trip plan can be coordinated in advance directly by e-mail.

The Agents or the Ships Owner will contact by by E-mail, ContactForm, or phones (56 02) 7694941 or (56 9) 230 1874.

Pilots may board the vessel at Punta Arenas, Ushuaia or Port Stanley, whichever location may better suit the Master´s needs.